A Merry Bus
A Merry Bus

A Merry Bus

Director Albert Mkrtchyan

Production year 2000

Length 113min.

Country Armenia


The film tells about the events shortly following the devastating earthquake of 1988, which took away thousands of lives and destroyed almost thoroughly a number of Armenian northeastern towns. Among them was the second biggest city in Armenia - Leninakan (Gyumri). The film depicts a teenager-boy and his teacher, a woman of middle ages - central characters of the film. Both of them lost their families, homes and relatives during the earthquake, but at any rate, they try to find a fulcrum in the world, which turned upside down in one instant. The teacher, who seemed to grow much older in those few days, wasn't quick to decide to adopt the orphaned child - with a strong character of a grown man. At the same time the family, as the boy understands it, should be a complete one, i.e., there must be a new father near his new mother. The boy chooses himself a father- not with standing the objections of the teacher. 


Albert Mkrtchyan
Albert Mkrtchyan



Albert Mkrtchyan, Mher A.Mkrtchyan

Director of Photography

Rudolf Vatinyan

Production designer

Davit Sedrakyan

Music by

Yuri Harutyunyan


Yuri Sayadyan


Sofia Gabrielyan, Lena Saroyan


Anahit Kocharyan, Georgi Baghdasaryan, Susan Baghdasaryan, Mikayel Poghosyan, Sos Sargsyan, Azat Gasparyan, Razmik Margaryan, Karine Janjughazyan

Production company(ies)

Hayfilm Studio Pushkin Str. 38 0010 Yerevan, Armenia

Albert Mkrtchyan

In 1960, he graduated from the Acting Department of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute, in 1971 – from the Directing Department of VGIK (Yefim Dzigan's master class).


Photography (1970), Monument (1971), Hard Rock (1974), Stone Valley (1977), The Good Half of Life (1979), The Big Win (1980), Song of the Old Days (1982), Tango of Our Childhood (1984), Smile (1992), A Merry Bus (2000), Dawn on a Sad Street (2008).

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