Director Flo Flamme

Production year 2016

Length 70min.

Country Belgium


Half a century ago, an island in the Caribbean got disconnected and missed out on globalization. What supposed to be a revolution of change and progression resulted in drastic boundary. An outside world, dissonant to revolutionary prospects became vaporous, banned from the stage and invisible. An innocent way of self-deception patterned an entire generation. Trapped between the walls of the ocean, the older Cubans’ worldview and ideals mutated inch by inch. Recently a pragmatic gamble of using capitalism to save socialism paid off, but it nevertheless produced a disorientated generation. Now, three old men, Luis, Carmelo, and Ernesto, let their imaginations wander. All around them busses full of tourists, ambassadors of a never-never land, come and go, triggering in the old men a deep longing for vanished ideals; love, time and the places they have never seen.


Flo Flamme
Flo Flamme



Tomas Leyers, Marc Goyens, Erik Lambert


Flo Flamme

Director of Photography

Grimm Van de Kerckhove


Gert Verboven


Sandrine Deegen

Production company(ies)

Minds Meet, Havenlaan 108, 1000 Brussel

Flo Flamme

Flo Flamme is an Belgian film director. Being the daughter of a painter, Flo developed a love for the creative arts at an early age and spended most of her youth in a Belgian theater company. At 18 she retreated from the spotlight, enrolling in the audiovisual arts program at the LUCA, School of Arts in Brussels. Concentrating on the balance between reality and fiction, she specialised in documentary filmmaking. After her studies she learned the practical aspects of filmmaking throughout collaboration with other directors and as a videoclip director. Añoranza is her first feature film.


A Small Belgian History (2008), Añoranza (2016).

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