24 Weeks
24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Director Anne Zohra Berrached

Production year 2016

Length 102min.

Country Germany


The stage lights, the applause – Astrid loves being a cabaret performer, and loves her tolerant and supportive husband Markus. Every decision is taken together, and this one is no different: what will they do with the child that Astrid is carrying, now, six months into the pregnancy, that she learns it will be severely disabled? She and Marcus have a choice, but little time…A strong nature with a witty answer to everything, Astrid now feels lost, on her own, impossible to continue her comedy routine. Ultimately only she who is bearing the child can take this weighty decision. What will she do? Who decides whether the child will have a life worth living?


Anne Zohra Berrached
Anne Zohra Berrached



Melanie Berke, Tobias Büchner, Thomas Kufus


Carl Gerber, Anne Zohra Berrached

Director of Photography

Friede Clausz

Production designer

Janina Schimmelbauer, Fabian Reber

Music by

Jasmin Reuter


Marc Fragstein, Aljoscha Haupt


Denys Darahan


Julia Jentsch, Bjarne Mädel, Johanna Gastdorf, Emilia Pieske

Production company(ies)

Zero one film GmbH, Lehrter Str. 57, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Anne Zohra Berrached

Anne Zohra Berrached got her degree in social education, with a focus on psychology in Frankfurt, she worked as a drama teacher in London for two years. She spent several months in Madrid, Spain and Yaoundé, Cameroon before she became a director’s assistant at the Hansatheater and Ballhaus Ost in Berlin. In 2009, she began to study directing at the Film Academy, Baden-Württemberg. Her second year movie Saint & Whore was invited to over 80 film festivals around the globe. In her third year, she completed her first feature film Two Mothers. It premiered at the Berlin IFF in 2013. The has earned the First Steps No Fear Award and the “Dialogues en Perspective” of the section Perspective German Cinema at the Berlin IFF. 24 Weeks is her second feature film.


E. + U. (2011), Saint and Whore (2012), Dogs As We (2012), The Right Hand (2013), Two Mothers (2013), 24 Weeks (2016).

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