The Shepherd's song
The Shepherd's song

The Shepherd's song

Director Vahram Mkhitaryan

Production year 2014

Length 30min.

Country Poland/Armenia


Somewhere in the high mountains of Armenia, there lives a blind shepherd Khachik. In spite of all the adversities, he has set up a family and leads a quiet life, single-handedly herding his goats on the steep slopes. However, when it turns out that his only son is losing his sight too and has to move to Yerevan to attend a school for the blind, Khachik faces a dilemma: should he keep on living the life of a humble shepherd, or should he move to the capital city too to be with his son? This is a difficult choice for him as he strongly believes that blindness is a curse hanging over his family, and that the only living a devout life in the mountains can lift it.


Vahram Mkhitaryan
Vahram Mkhitaryan



Adam Slesicki


Vahram Mkhitaryan

Director of Photography

Vahram Mkhitaryan

Music by

Arsen Babajanyan


Daniel Gąsiorowski

Production company(ies)

Wajda Studio Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warszawa, Poland

Vahram Mkhitaryan

During study in 1998-2001, Vahram Mkhitaryan worked on A1+ TV Company as cameraman In 2001, հե graduated from Armenian State Pedagogical University, Culture Faculty, Department of Feature Film Directing (Dmitry Kesayants’ studio). In 2002-2005, Vahram worked as film director, cameraman and scriptwriter at Artsight Video Studio, Yerevan. In 2005-06, he received Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Polish-American Fulbright Commission Lane Kirkland Scholarship. Vahram studied (research) at Institute of Media Art of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2009 and 2011, he received scholarship of Polish Ministry of Culture Gaude Polonia and studied at Andrzej Wajda`s Master School of Film Directing “Development Lab” feature film and “Dok Pro” documentary film programs. From 2012 till now, he works as assistant at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.


They Are Waiting for You (2000, doc.), Milky Brother (2014, short), Shepherd`s Song (2014, doc.).

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