The Sandwich Island Man
The Sandwich Island Man

The Sandwich Island Man

Director Levon Minasian

Production year 2015

Length 26min.

Country France


Twelve-year-old Lio, an only child living with a single mom, is assigned a class project to describe his father’s birthplace. The only problem is he never knew his. Soon, Lio discovers that his dad was from a tiny, uninhabited lost island in the Southern Ocean, with a funny name: Sandwich. Determined to find his father, the boy sets out on the long and perilous journey to Sandwich Island.


Levon Minasian
Levon Minasian



Peggy Desplats


Levon Minasian, Ester Mann

Director of Photography

Lionel Perrin

Production designer

Laurent Le Corre

Music by

Michel Korb


Jeremy Verneray


Aurélien Manya


Max Baissette de Malglaive, Anna Mouglalis, Lola Lasseron, Gérard Boyadjian, Julien Courbey, Valery Magana, Ester Mann, Louciné Minassian, Lorraine Noé

Production company(ies)

Cassiopée Films 3 rue Racine, 75006 Paris, France

Levon Minasian

Levon Minasian began his theatre studies at the Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre in Yerevan (Armenia). He worked as an actor at the Araspel and Vardan Adjemian Theatres in Gyumri. He studied film at the University of Paris-8 (France). In 1996, he received his Master’s Diploma with distinction. Levon Minasian directed short films, produced by French production companies. His short comedy The Piano has participated to more than 80 festivals worldwide, received 35 awards and mentions.


At the Beginning of the Spring Time (1997, short), Terra Emota (1999, short), Lux Aeterna (1999, short), Overseas Lovers (2000, short), Love Your Face (2001, short), Dreams of Elsewhere... Diary of a Grouser (2003, short), The Piano (2011, short), The Sandwich Island Man, (2015, short).

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