The Priest’s Promise
The Priest’s Promise

The Priest’s Promise

Director Henrik Margaryan

Production year 1964

Length 33min.

Country Armenia


A hunter is appointed to be the priest in his own village. He promises not to hunt any more. Even though he breaks his promise, he is allowed to stay in the parish.


Henrik Margaryan
Henrik Margaryan



Levon Gharagyozyan, based on the story of the same title by Levon Bashalyan

Director of Photography

Karen Mesyan

Production designer

Khachatur Yesayan

Music by

Gevorg Armenyan


Eduard Vanunts


Guzh Manukyan, Ashot Kajvoryan, Sos Sargsyan, Akaki Kvantaliani, Verjaluys Mirijanyan, Armen Khostikyan

Production company(ies)

Hayfilm Studio Pushkin Str. 38 0010 Yerevan Armenia

Henrik Margaryan

In 1951, he graduated from the Directing Department of Yerevan Theatre Institute (Levon Kalantar's master class). In 1950, Henrik Margaryanworked at Armenian Youth Communist Union. Since 1955, he worked at Armenfilm Studio.


Yeghishe Charents (1957, doc.), Generation of the Brave (1958, doc.), The Last Farewell (1958, doc.), The Guys of the Music Band (1960, Co-dir.: Henrik Malyan), Four in One (1963, short), Monsieur Jacques and Others (1964, segment “Priest's Promise”), Refugees (1968, short), Heat (1968, short), Shrove-tide (1968, short), The Clown (1969, short), Hard Rock (1974, Co-dir.: Albert Mkrtchyan), The Chairman of the Revolutionary Commitee (1977), Blue Lion (1979), Earth and Gold, (1984, Co-dir.: Arman Manaryan), The Pharmacy on the Crossroads (1987).

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