The Man in the Orange Jacket
The Man in the Orange Jacket

The Man in the Orange Jacket

Director Aik Karapetian

Production year 2014

Length 71min.

Country Latvia/Estonia


A collective rage boils within. He and hundreds of employees have just lost their jobs because their boss selfishly decided to sell his haven, proving once again that the poor pay the price while the rich reap the

rewards. But not this time. Dressed in his uniform and armed with his tools, he stealthily infiltrates his boss’s house and kills him in cold blood. His boss’s breathtaking girlfriend knows a similar fate. Justice has been served. With the bodies safely tucked away in the basement, the man in the orange jacket can finally celebrate his victory—time for the high life of classy restaurants, escorts and fancy cars. All he needs is to appropriate his victim’s identity. The good times will be short-lived, however. Just when he’s beginning to enjoy his new life, strange sounds start to trouble his sleep. His peace of mind is also affected by the intrusion of a strange character, not to mention this menacing silhouette that spies from afar, a silent observer that scrutinizes his every move. A nerve-wracking frenzy begins when paranoia invades the man with the orange jacket.


Aik Karapetian
Aik Karapetian



Roberts Vinovskis


Aik Karapetian

Director of Photography

Janis Eglitis, Jurgis Kmins

Production designer

Maris Zommers, Kristaps Kalsers

Music by

Toms Aunins, Anna Aunina


Ernests Ansons, Verners Biters


Andris Grants


Maxim Lazarev, Anta Aizupe, Aris Rozentals

Production company(ies)

Roberts Vinovskis Locomotive Productions

Aik Karapetian

Born in Armneia. He was raised and studied in Latvia.After having received his MA degree in film directing from the Latvian Academy of Culture, Aik Karapetian went on to study at the Académie Internationale des Arts ESEC in Paris where he graduated in 2008. As a director and a screenwriter, he has made a number of short films and has participated in several film festivals. PeopleOutThere was Aik's debut as director of a full-length feature film, premiered in the Karlovy Vary IFF. The horror film titled TheManintheOrangeJacket, is Aik's second feature film.


People out There (2012), The Man in the Orange Jacket (2014).

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