The Clinch
The Clinch

The Clinch

Director Sergei Puskepalis

Production year 2015

Length 90min.

Country Russia


Fedorov is the school literature teacher and he had a hard day. He has worked in two shifts, then has assisted school meeting, then the school director has given him a talking-to and Fedorov’s wife has started repair in their small apartment. On top of everything a strange unknown young woman follows him on his way home. Getting closer she snatches out his bag and runs away. Fedorov tries to catch her up without success and throws into her a piece of steel. The thief falls down, cries, complains of her hard life and then suddenly starts to blame Fedorov in bringing her girl-friend to a suicide. She threatens him with arrival of her fiancé-gangster. Fedorov considers the woman to be insane and is going to leave. He doesn’t have any suspicion that it’s just a beginning of the dangerous acquaintance.


Sergei Puskepalis
Sergei Puskepalis



Ruben Dishdishyan, Dmitry Golubnichiy


Alexey Slapovskiy

Director of Photography

Svyatoslav Bulakovskiy

Production designer

Sergei Filenko

Music by

B-2, Michail Karasev


Oleg Tatarinov


Olga Proshkina


Alexei Serebryakov, Asya Domskaya, Agrippina Steklovа, Vyacheslav Evlantev, Maxim Lagashkin

Production company(ies)

Mars Media Entertainment Bld. 15, 1st Zachat'evskiy pereulok Moscow, Russia, 119034 +7 (963) 6400247

Sergei Puskepalis

Sergei Puskepalis is an honored Artist of Russia (1999). He graduated from Saratov Theatre School (studio of Yuri Kiselev's). Sergei performed military service in the Navy, finished in 1988 as a sergeant. He worked for 10 years in the Saratov Youth Theatre. In 2001, he graduated from Russian University of Theatre Arts (studio of Pyotr Fomenko). While studying Sergei staged performances in Samara “Ponedelnik” Theatre. After the graduation he directed in the Moscow Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre, in the Oleg Tabakov Studio Theatre and in the “Pyaty” Theater (Omsk, Russia). In 2003-07, Sergei Puskepalis worked as chief director at the Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theater, in 2009-11 - as chief director at the Yaroslavl Fyodor Volkov Academic Drama Theatre. In 2003, he began acting in movies.


The Clinch (2015).

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