Director Max Lewkowicz

Production year 2014

Length 110min.

Country USA


An epic story of one American family whose careers brought them to the forefront of some of the most dramatic events of the last hundred years. Henry Morgenthau Senior as United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Henry Morgenthau Junior as United States Secretary of Treasury under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Robert M. Morgenthau as District Attorney of New York County for over 30 years reveal new perspectives on the social and political shifts in twentieth century history. From fighting for international action against the genocide of Armenians on the cusp of WWI, through the efforts to rescue Jews during the Holocaust despite American political obstruction, and on to the struggle to reduce street crime and pioneer the prosecution of white collar corruption in the financial capital of the world, New York City, the trajectory of the three Morgenthau generations epitomizes the American experience and the continual fight for justice.


Max Lewkowicz
Max Lewkowicz



Max Lewkowicz


Valerie Thomas

Director of Photography

Scott Shelley

Music by

Michael Bacon


Joseph Borruso


Bill Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Al Sharpton, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Brokaw, Ed Koch, Bill Bratton, Michael Beschloss, Andrew Meier, Peter Balakian

Max Lewkowicz

Graduate of McGill University, has a Masters Degree in Communications from New York University. Founder and owner of Dog Green Productions, has written, directed, and produced hundreds of productions for network and public television, museums, and multinational organizations in a career that has spanned over twenty-five years. Max Lewkowicz’s writing and directorial expertise has won critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Silver Screen Award at the US International Film and Video Festival, the grand prize of The Chicago IFF, and the 2003 Award of Excellence from the National Association of Museum Exhibitions.


ood Fortune: Three Men, Three Generations, One Fight (2013), Morgenthau (2014):

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