Life As It Is
Life As It Is

Life As It Is

Director Vladimir Dashuk

Production year 2013

Length 57min.

Country Belarus


The protagonist of the film is Demyan Khodatovich, the main dog expert of Minsk region. He is utterly devoted to his favourite occupation with no profit for himself. Besides dogs, Demyan likes all farm work – ploughing, sowing and growing. Then he selflessly loves his parents. They are rural professionals and all their life have been living on the very same place, in Ostrovki village. By tradition the whole Khodatovich family gathers in their parents’ house in August. Once a year all of them come: children with their wives, grandchildren with their own families, great grandsons including. As a rule, a dinner is served in the front garden in the open air. It will always be like that since life itself is based on such foundations.


Vladimir Dashuk
Vladimir Dashuk



Aleg Silvanovich


Vladimir Dashuk

Director of Photography

Georgy Korolionok, Paul Zubrycky, Viacheslav Tin, Sergei Inshakov


Svetlana Sokol, Dmitry Petrusenko


Sergei Kazakov

Production company(ies)

Aleh Silvanovich, Belarusfilm studio Nezalezhnasci Av. 98 Minsk, Belarus

Vladimir Dashuk

Graduated from Belarusian State University (Department of Journalism) in 1984. Occupation – director, scriptwriter, journalist. In 1983, he started working at Belarusfilm Studio as a director’s assistant. Vladimir Dashuk made his debut with a documentary Portrait with an Axe about a sculptor from the Belarusian countryside. In 1993, he became a member of Filmmakers’ Union. While working at Belarusfilm Studio Vladimir Dashukhad been making documentaries by his own scripts.


Portrait with an Axe (1987), Sin (1987), Some Day (1989), Landscape after the Battle (1989), Cradle Rocking above the Abyss (1990), Force Majeure (1992), Save Our Souls (1992), We Still Exist (1995), Passion (2009), Golden Wedding (2012), Life Is Fragile (2013), Life as It Is (2013).

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