Hitler in the Opera
Hitler in the Opera

Hitler in the Opera

Director Michał Grzybowski

Production year 2014

Length 27min.

Country Poland


A story based on facts. Aaron, a quiet, introverted Israeli opera singer, a star who doesn\\\\\\\'t shine so bright anymore, arrives in a little theatre in rural Poland to give a guest performance. He evokes both admiration and respect among the theatre staff. Aaron doesn\\\\\\\'t feel comfortable in the country where Jews suffered so much but, as a professional, he tries to integrate with the crew. During one of rehearsals, he feels that somebody is watching him. To his horror, the man he notices behind the curtain looks like... Adolf Hitler. When he shares his anxiety with the theatre director, she decides that the singer must have lost his mind. Aaron, however, insists that he has become a victim of a cruel joke. What follows is escalation of this absurd situation, caused by a mix of Aaron\\\\\\\'s paranoia and a certain doze of anti-Semitism, which poses a threat of starting an international scandal and might result in the premiere being cancelled.


Michał Grzybowski
Michał Grzybowski



Jacek Bromski, Ewa Jastrzębska, Dariusz Gajewski


Michał Grzybowski, Przemysław Pilarski

Director of Photography

Robert Mleczko

Production designer

Marta Śniosek-Masacz


Wojciech Adamiak


Ireneusz Grzyb


Redbad Klijnstra (Aaron), Maciej Marczewski (Sebastian),Szymon Mysłakowski (Director),Agnieszka Dulęba- Kasza (Manager),Przemysław Redkowski (Edek)

Production company(ies)

Studio Munka-SFP

Michał Grzybowski

Born 1979, Kalisz, Poland. After he graduated from the Acting Department in Łódź Film School in 2003, Michał Grzybowskistarted working in the Nowy Theatre and set up the TRAN Theatre. He also performed on stage in Szczecin and his hometown Kalisz where he has been living and working since 2007. His first directing work was an independent film Non sono pronto, which was first shown in 2010 at the Gdynia Festival where it won a special mention. In 2012, he finished shooting his short film Śmierć w Teatrze (Death in the Theatre). His project Hitler w Operze was developed within the directing course run by Wajda School.


Non sono pronto (2010), Death in the Theatre (2012, short), Hitler in the Opera (2014, short).

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