Granny, Vanya and the Goat
Granny, Vanya and the Goat

Granny, Vanya and the Goat

Director Daria Yurkevich

Production year 2014

Length 15min.

Country France/Belarus


Set in a small, typical Belarusian village - granny Sima's only concern is for the future of her alcoholic son, Vanya. Accompanied by her best friend, a white goat called Manya, she starts a war with her neighbor, Glasha, who happens to be the village Vodka producer...


Best Short Film | Listapad IFF, Belarus, 2014

2nd prize, Audience Prize | Bulbamovie Belarusian FF, Poland, 2014


Daria Yurkevich
Daria Yurkevich



Pablo Gleason


Daria Yurkevich

Director of Photography

Yauheni Tsitko

Production designer

Dmitri Makhomet


Sergey Chuprov


Daria Yurkevich, Yauheni Tsitko


Vera Tokarava, Valentina Zhukavets, Uladzimir Kazaritski

Production company(ies)

Films d’Altérité

Daria Yurkevich

Born 1981, Minsk, Belarus. Daria grew up in Minsk, she completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry before joining the Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk. Four years worked on documentaries, short and fiction films, animation projects as a director for Belarusian television. In 2007 Daria joined Le Fresnoy, national studio of contemporary arts in France. There developed a professional style under the influence and advice of directors and artists like Jean-Luc Godard, André S. Labarthe, Alain Fleacher, and Eduardo Kac. Following the masters, Daria has been able to direct a series of short documentaries and films, which have been screened around the world.


Children of War (2004), God Works through the People (2006), N. V. Gogol. Voyage to the Holy Land (2006), If Your Son Is a Director (2007), After Us the Flood! (2009), Maxim & Daria (2011), Granny, Vanya and the Goat (2014).

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