End of Winter
End of Winter

End of Winter

Director Kim Dae-hwan

Production year 2014

Length 99min.

Country South Korea


Sung-geun, a teacher at Cherwon Technical High School, and his family get together in Cheorwon from all over the country for Sung-geun’s retirement ceremony. At the family gathering after the ceremony, Sung-geun announces to his wife and children that he’s going to divorce his wife and stay in Cheorwon. To make matters worse, the buses are shut down in Cheorwon due to a snow blizzard, and the family is stuck in Sung-geun’s house, being left with no choice but to spend 3 days together as a family. Confronted with their parents’ divorce, the family members deal with each other in their uncomfortable presence. 


Kim Dae-hwan
Kim Dae-hwan



Kim Dong-ho, Lee Im-kul


Park Jin-soo

Director of Photography

Kim Bo-lam

Production designer

Ahn So-hyun

Music by

Kang Min-kuk


Lee Ho-won


Kim Sung-keun, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Dong-uk, Kang Hye-jeong, Kim Su-hyun

Production company(ies)

Tiger Cinema Room 515, Western Building, 152 Jukjeon-ro Suji-gu Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do 448-701

Kim Dae-hwan

In 2005-12, Kim Dae-hwanstudied in Hongik Universitie’s School of Design & Media and later in 2012-14 in Dankook Universitie’s Graduate School of Film Contents.


Picnic (2011, short), Interview (2012, short), End of Winter (2014).

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