Barking Island
Barking Island

Barking Island

Director Serge Avedikian

Production year 2010

Length 15min.

Country France


Constantinople 1910. The streets are overrun with stray dogs. The newly-established government, influenced by a model of Western society, uses European experts to choose a method of eradication before deciding, suddenly and alone, to massively deport the dogs to a deserted island away from the city.



Serge Avedikian
Serge Avedikian



Serge Avedikian, Karine Mazloumian

Production designer

Thomas Azuelos

Music by

Michel Karsky

Production company(ies)

Sacrebleu Productions 10 bis rue Bisson 75020 Paris, France Tel.: +330142253027 Email:

Serge Avedikian

Avedikian is a French- Armenian actor and director. In 1970, his family returned to France and Avedikian entered the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Meudon (France). He later created a theatre company and produced many films. From 1979 on he began pursuing a career of theater, movie and television acting. In 1982, he began making documentary films. Since 1990, he has been making short and medium-length films. His own production company produced most of his films until 2000. He is the film director of many animated, documentary and fiction films produced by others and he has acted in a number of French and Armenian films. In 2010, he won Palm d’Or of Cannes IFF for his animation Barking Island.


Love Story: Columbe and Avedis (1981, doc.), No Return Possibe (1982, co-dir.: Jacques Kebadian, doc.), What Have My Comrades Become? (1984, doc.), J’ai bien connu le soleil (1989, co-dir.: Jacques Kebadian), Good Day, Monsieur (1992, short), Mission Accomplished (1993, short), The Fifth Dream (1994), Good Bye Madame (1996, short), M'sieurs-Ladies (1997, short), Lux aeterna (1999, co-dir.: Levon Minassian, short), Terra emota (2000, co-dir.: Levon Minassian, short), Lifeline (2002, short), Between Two Poles (2002), Irina Brook, the Contagious Pleasure (2003), Conjugal amour (2004), A Beautiful Morning (2005, short, anim.), We Drank the Same Water (2006, doc.), We Were Young (2008, short), Disobedience 1 (2008, short), Barking Island (2010, short, anim.), History of Dogs (2011, doc.), Parajanov (2013, Co-dir.: Olena Fetisova).

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