A Man before His Time
A Man before His Time

A Man before His Time

Director Henri Charr

Production year 2015

Length 60min.

Country USA


This bio-documentary chronicles the life and times of Dr. Freydun Atouraya, a medical physician, poet, playwright musician, thinker, and idealist. Freydun's greatest contribution is perhaps his least recognized. He was a revolutionary who spent his entire life trying to reclaim lands lost through the centuries, because he wanted to create a democratic Assyrian Christian Nation. Through the lens of Dr. Freydun's life, this documentary will chronicle one of the most unknown and under-told chapters of the Assyrian Christian massacres and struggles during the early 1900's.


Henri Charr
Henri Charr



Jess Mancilla, Henri Charr


Sreescanda, Henri Charr

Director of Photography

Gustavo Brum

Production designer

Reed Johns

Music by

Patrick Kirst


Gustavo Carrasco


Jess Mancilla


Steve Guttenberg, Vaz Andreas, Nicholas Talone, Sam Rhodes, Mario Degasperi, Zachary Andrews

Production company(ies)

Cinemotion 21st. Entertainment LLC. 22745 Pera RD. Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364 Tel.: 818-667-2858 Email: henricharr@sbcglobal.net

Henri Charr

An Assyrian filmmaker born in Iran and living in Southern California. He started in educational films and documentaries, then turned to mainstream cinema in genres including thrillers, drams, action-adventure, family films and comedies. In the early 1990s Charr made a trilogy of action films: Under Lock and Key, Caged Hearts and Cell Block Sisters. In the mid-1990s Char made family films; My Uncle: The Alien was a Selection at the Brussels IF of Fantasy, Thriller and Science Fiction Films. He then made Little Heroes, a children's film televised on Animal Planet as the Movie of the Month.


The Last Affair (1976), Please Don't Eat the Babies (1983), Fatal Encounter (1990), Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear (1993), Under Lock and Key (1995), Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995), Caged Hearts (1996), My Uncle the Alien (1996), Hollywood Safari (1997), Little Heroes (1999), Little Heroes 2 (2000), Top Dogs: Little Heroes 3 (2002), Forbidden Border (2009), Stepping High (2013), A Man before His Time (2015, doc.).

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