A Bridge to a Border
A Bridge to a Border

A Bridge to a Border

Director Rob Nilsson

Production year 2014

Length 90min.

Country USA


When a man crosses a bridge, he faces a border. Pakal Gomez, ex- border patrol officer, railroaded into prison for a crime he did not commit, turns to terror as the last chance to wake up America. A gripping character study of rebels with and without a cause...



Rob Nilsson
Rob Nilsson



Rob Nilsson, Michelle Anton Allen, Marshall Spight


Rob Nilsson

Director of Photography

Chris Damm, Galina Pasternak

Production designer

Penny Werner

Music by

Yinon Muallem, Chris Damm


Luis de la Para


Gustavo Ochoa


Richard Castrillon, Deniz Demirer, Tristan Cunningham, Jeff Kao, Michelle Anton Allen

Production company(ies)

Rob Nilsson Films 1418 5th. St. Berkeley, CA 94710

Rob Nilsson

San Francisco-based director. Nilsson and co-director John Hanson won the Camera d’Or at Cannes for Northern Lights. Nilsson won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance FF, for Heat and Sunlight, being the first American film director to win both awards. He is also the creator of the Direct Action style of digital filmmaking taught in the Tenderloin yGroup Actor’s Ensemble, San Francisco, and appeared in workshops conducted around the world. Nilsson is a pioneer in the techniques of video to film transfer, which led to today’s digital revolution. In 1985 Signal 7 was the first small format video feature to be blown up to film and distributed around the world. Chalk, his first feature with the Tenderloin Action Group (now the Tenderloin yGroup) a San Francisco inner city acting workshop, was featured in the Locarno and Toronto film festivals. It was voted one of the top films of the year by the Village Voice. Seven of Nilsson’s 9 @ Night film series, nine Direct Action digital features cast from the yGroup. In recent years retrospectives of Nilsson’s work have taken place at the Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, Chicago Institute of Art, Resfest, Seoul, Korea, Digital Talkies Festival, New Dehli, India, MOV Festival and Cinemanila, Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong IFF, and the Kansas City Filmmaker's Jubilee. Recent awards include the Ted M. Larson Award for “outstanding contributions to the film industry” from the Fargo IFF, the Indie Pioneer Award from the Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee, a Filmmaker of the Year award from the Silver Lake FF, Los Angeles.


Northern Lights (1978), On the Edge (1986), Signal Seven (1986), Heat and Sunlight (1987), The Street (1989), Words for the Dying (1990, doc.), Choosing Success (1994), Chalk (1996), Stroke (2000), A Town Has Turned to Dust (1998), Winter Oranges (2000), Singing (2000), Singing (2000), Winter Oranges (2000), Scheme C6 (2001), Noise (2002), Attitude (2003), Samt (2004), Frank (2004), Security (2005), Need (2005), Opening (2006), Pan (2006), Used (2007), Go Together (2007), Presque Isle (2008), Imbued (2009), Sand (2010), What Happened Here? (2012, doc.), Maelstrom (2012), The Will (2012, short), A Leap to Take (2013), Collapse (2013), A Bridge to a Border (2014).

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