Two Sides of One Horse
Two Sides of One Horse

Two Sides of One Horse

Director Tatyana Soboleva

Production year 2013

Length 35min.

Country Russia


In order to understand what’s going on in Russia these days simply going out into the street and looking around you or reading the news reports is not enough – those are only distorted views on reality. If you want to get to the essence, the best way is to change the point of view radically and look at things through the eyes of, say… a horse that serves in an operative battalion in the center of Moscow.


Prize of Jury | Saratov Suffering IFF, Russia, 2013

Special Prize | People Knowing the World FF, Russia, 2013


Tatyana Soboleva
Tatyana Soboleva



Ivan S. Tverdovskiy


Tatyana Soboleva

Director of Photography

Ivan Finogen

Music by

Niklas Froese


Victor Timshin


Olga Petrusevich

Production company(ies)

Point of View Studio

Tatyana Soboleva

Tatyana Soboleva learned drama, psychology, she was a student of Moscow Literature University. In 1999, Tatyana entered the All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), where she pursued a degree in Film Directing. Shortly after graduation from VGIK, in 2004, she directed a video documentary Francois: Resident Permit (her first out of school project), which became the participant more than 20 IFFs, and deserved a prize like The best documentary film on the IFF in Tehran. Tatyana Soboleva is a member of Directors Guild, Russia.


Francois: Resident Permit (2004), The Author of the Scenario "Epitaph" (2006), Russian Woman Svetlana Sidorova (2007), Proof of Love (2009.), Walks without… (2011), Two Sides of One Horse (2013).

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