The Stone River
The Stone River

The Stone River

Director Giovanni Donfrancesco

Production year 2013

Length 88min.

Country Italy/France


The Stone River traces the destiny of European stone workers who, at the beginning of the 20th century, crossed the ocean to settle in the town of  Barre, Vermont, where they were opening the biggest granite quarries in the world. Within a few years, most of them were decimated by silicosis. At the end of the 30s the inhabitants of Barre were interviewed by some writers sent by the Roosevelt administration to depict a portrait of America during the Great Depression. For the movie, the inhabitants living in Barre today accepted to read out the texts of the interviews given by their ancestors back in the 30s. Through their voice, in a troubling junction between past and present, the film brings back to life their stories made of social battles, diseases and deaths, anarchist utopia, tragedy and hope. In a breathtaking visual style and innovative storytelling, the film recounts the tragic epic of an entire community of emigrants engaged in the everlasting and titanic struggle against stone.


Giovanni Donfrancesco
Giovanni Donfrancesco



Giovanni Donfrancesco, Estelle Fialon


Giovanni Donfrancesco

Director of Photography

Giovanni Donfrancesco

Music by

Piero Bongiorno, Olivier Touche


Federico Cavicchioli


Giovanni Donfrancesco, Thomas Glaser, Pauline Dairou, Muriel Breton

Production company(ies)

Altara Films Sdrucciolo de' Pitti 5 50125 Firenze – Italia Les Films du Poisson 54 Rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris - France

Giovanni Donfrancesco

Giovanni Donfrancesco is a director and producer who lives in Florence, Italy. He published two novels and a photographic book. He's the founder of the company Altara Films, which produces his films and other authors as well, with a particular attention to the international coproduction. His works were screened in different international festivals.


Mussolini's Dirty War (2008), Shining Gold - Back to Cambodia (2009), Modigliani's Genuine Fake Heads (2011), The Stone River (2013).

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