The Stone Cross
The Stone Cross

The Stone Cross

Director Leonid Osyka

Production year 1968

Length 77min.

Country Ukraine


Inspired by stories of the Ukrainian writer Vasyl Stefanyk (1871-1936), this film is Ukrainian poetic cinema at its best - extremely terse and laconic in outward expression, but intensely psychological and shattering in the understated delivery of its message. Shot in a striking black-and-white, it brings to mind Akira Kurosawa. Today Stone Cross remains little known and even less appreciated both in and outside Ukraine.



Best Cinematography, Best Actor | All-Union Film Festival, Leniingrad, 1968

First Prize | Orthodox Art Festival Golden Orans, , 1995


Leonid Osyka
Leonid Osyka



Ivan Drach

Director of Photography

Ivan Drach

Production designer

Mykola Riznyk

Music by

Volodymyr Huba


Sofia Serhienko


Danylo Ilchenko, Boryslav Brondukov, Kostiantyn Stepankov, Vasyl Symchych, Antonina Leftiy, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Borys Savchenko

Production company(ies)

Dovzhenko Film Studio

Leonid Osyka

Leonid Osyka graduated from the Odessa Art and Theatre College (1959), the Directing Department at VGIK (1965, workshop of Yu. Geniki). Since 1965, he was a director at Kiev A. Dovzhenko Film Studio.


Those Who Will Come Back, Will Love on (1966), Stone Cross (1967), Zakhar Berkut (1971), Grandfather of the Outside Left (1973), The Disturbing Month of September (1975), The Sea (1978), …whom Everybody Loved (1982), Bow from the Waist (1985), Enter, the Afflicted! (1987), Studies about Vrubel (1989), Present for the Name-Day Celebration (1991), Getman’s Klenoids (1993).

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