The Beekeeper
The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper

Director Mano Khalil

Production year 2013

Length 107min.

Country Switzerland


“The Beekeeper” relates the touching story of a beekeeper. The turmoil of the Turkish-Kurdish war took away everything that he had: his wife, his children, his country and over 500 bee colonies, his way of making a living. He was left only with his love for bees and his unshakeable faith in the individual human being, regardless of his background. After a long odyssey full of deprivation, the beekeeper again found a life for himself in Switzerland, thanks to his passion for beekeeping. "The Beekeeper“ is also the unusual story of integration in the seemingly conservative heart of today’s Switzerland, showing the struggle between human interaction and political propaganda.


1st prize | Duhok International Film Festival, Kurdistan, Iraq, 2013

Silver Price | Lessinia Film Festival, Italy, 2013

Audience Award | New Heimats Film Festival, Austria, 2013

1st prize "DOK.deutsch 2013» | Munich International Dok.Filmfestival, Germany, 2013

Prix de Solothurn | , , 2013


Mano Khalil
Mano Khalil



Mano Khalil


Mano Khalil

Director of Photography

Mano Khalil,Steff Bossert

Music by

Mario Batkovic


Rolf Büttikofer ,Weli Cici


Thomas Bachmann

Production company(ies)

Frame Film Waisenhausplatz 30 3011 Bern Switzerland

Mano Khalil

Born in Kurdistan, Syria. 1981-1986 - he studied history and law at Damascus University in Syria. 1987-1994 - studied fiction film direction in the former Czechoslovakia. 1990-1995 - worked as independent film director for Czechoslovakian and later for the Slovakian Television. Since 1996, lives in Switzerland, working as independent film director and producer. In 2012, founded Frame Film Production in Bern.


Oh World! (1988), My Pain, My Hope (1989), Embassy (1990), My God (1990), Oh Father (1991), The Place where God Sleeps (1992, doc.), Kino-ocko (Kino Eye,1995, doc.), Triumph of Iron (1999), Colorful Dreams (2003), Al-Anfal, in the Name of Allah, Baath and Saddam (2005, doc.), David the Tolhildan (2007, doc.), My Prison, My Home (2009, doc.), Our Garden of Eden (2010, doc.), Der Imker/The Beekeeper (2013, doc.), Die Schwalbe(The Swallow, 2014).

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