Taweez – The Talisman Writer
Taweez – The Talisman Writer

Taweez – The Talisman Writer

Director Ali Hakim

Production year 2014

Length 20min.

Country Germany


Taweez tells the story of a lonely old talisman writer in a little afghan village who already gave up hope to receive acknowledgement in life. But after rumors spread in the village, people elevate him to a messiah. While some of the people woreship him, others fear his power. Fear transforms to hate and hate needs a goal. This is a story about the dangers fanatism, superstition and the besetment of otherness.


Ali Hakim
Ali Hakim



Ali Hakim


Ali Hakim

Director of Photography

Patrick Wittig


Andreas Helmanzik


Stefan Otterpohl


Taj Muhammad, Khatera Azizi, Said Hamed

Production company(ies)

Let’s be awesome

Ali Hakim

During the Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan he and his family fled to Germany. There he finished high school and decided to start in film business. After his internship at the TV-series Die Anwälte he worked as runner, driver, videooperater, and floor manager. In 2008, he decided to start a college education at the Medienakademie where he created shorts, imagefilms and advertisements. The short film Crazy in Love was his graduate project with which he was nominated for the Studio Hamburg New Talent Award. In 2011, he founded his own filmproduction company let’s be awesome and produced commercials and short films. In 2013, Ali Hakim started to shot the short film Taweez – The Talisman Writer in Afghanistan. The film was awarded Short Film of the Month and Especially Valuable by the German Film Rating Commsission. At the moment he is working on a short animation about an afghan policeman and on two feature films as director, producer and writer.


Switched (2007, short), Taxi (2009, short, doc.), Rostam (2009, short), Crazy in Love (2010, short), First Date (2012, short), Taweez - The Talisman Writer (2014, short).

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