Stream of Love
Stream of Love

Stream of Love

Director Ágnes Sós

Production year 2013

Length 70min.

Country Hungary


Stream of Love is a documentary tale of love and longing set in a Hungarian village in Transylvania which time has passed by, where the characters are no longer young. We follow Feri, an incurable romantic, past his 80th birthday, searching for love and sensuality with the women of the village.  They, in turn, allow the camera to uncover their most intimate thoughts and dreams. Stream of Love is funny, surprising and heartwarming, revealing how the game of love and romance from a bygone age still flourishes in a remote country village.



Ágnes Sós
Ágnes Sós



Ágnes Sós, Julianna Ugrin


Ágnes Sós

Director of Photography

Zoltán Lovasi

Music by

János Másik


Tamás Zányi


Thomas Ernst

Production company(ies)

Szerelem Patak Produkciós Kft.

Ágnes Sós

Born 1966, Budapest, Hungary. Graduated from the Hungarian University of Economics in 1989. From 1990 until 2001 she worked as an editor and as a director in the Hungarian National Television. She has been making documentaries since 1991, first for the television, than she became her producer as well. She has made about 20 documentary feature films and 15 short documentaries. Her documentary films have won many prizes in Hungary and abroad.


… and There Is the Prison, Honey (1998-2000, short), So What, We Are Capitalists (1993-2002), I Just Wanted to Show You (2002-2005), Grandmother Teri (2003), Invisible a Mad Love That Is (2007-2009), Strings - The Talented Pusker Sisters (2010), Stream of Love (2013).

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