Still Life
Still Life

Still Life

Director Jia Zhangke

Production year 2006

Length 111min.

Country China


Fengjie’s old town is already under water, but its new neighborhood hasn’t been finished yet. There are things to salvage and there are things to leave behind… Han Sanming, a miner, travels to Fengjie to look for his ex-wife who he has not seen in 16 years. Seeing each other by the Yangtze River, they decide to remarry. Shen Hong, a nurse, travels to Fengjie to look for her husband who hasn’t come home in two years. They hug in front of the Three Gorges Dam. Despite a dance, they sadly call it quits and decide to divorce.


Golden Lion | Venice IFF, Italy, 2006

Asian Film Award, Best Director | Asian Film Awards, China, 2007

Best Direction | Durban IFF, South Africa, 2007

Film of Merit | Shanghai Film Critics Awards, China, 2007

Best Foreign Film Director, Best Foreign Film | Kinema Junpo Awards, Japan, 2008

Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Film | Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, USA, 2008

Best Foreign Film | Mainichi Film Concours, Japan, 2008


Jia Zhangke
Jia Zhangke



Tianyan Wang, Pengle Xu


Jia Zhangke, Guan Na, Sun Jiamin

Director of Photography

Yu Lik-wai

Production designer

ing Dong Liang, Qiang Liu

Music by

Lim Giong


Wang You, Yang Zhang


Jing Lei Kong


Zhao Tao, Lan Zhou, Han Sanming, Ma Lizhen, Wang Hongwei

Production company(ies)

Xstream Pictures Beijing/Hong Kong, China Shanghai Film Studios

Jia Zhangke

Born 1970, Fengyang, China) Zhangke studied painting, developed an interest in fiction, and in 1995 founded the Youth Experimental Film Group, for which he directed two award-winning videos. He graduated in 1997 from the Beijing Film Academy, and his first feature, Pickpocket (1997) was very successful at the Berlin, Nantes and Vancouver festivals. The following films Platform and Unknown Pleasures were selected in competition respectively at Venice and Cannes. He established Xstream Pictures in 2003 in order to promote young talented directors from all over China. His Still Life received the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival 2006.


One Day in Beijing (1994, short), Xiaoshan Going Home (1995, short), Du Du (1996, short), Pickpocket (1997), Platform (2000), In Public (2001, short), The Condition of Dogs (2001, short), Unknown Pleasures (2002), The World (2004), Dong (2006, doc.), Still Life (2006), Our Ten Years (2007, short), Useless (2007, doc.) Stories on Human Rights (2008, segment Black Breakfast), 24 City (2008), Cry Me a River (2008, short), I Wish I Knew (2010, doc.), Yulu (2011, doc.), A Touch of Sin (2013).

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