Director Noël Fuzellier

Production year 2013

Length 22min.

Country France


Nora is 40 years old and is single for too long. She spends her days imagining naively Laurent will return. But when he resurfaced to announce that he will get married, everything crumbles around her. To get by, Nora will have to look around, to compromise and see what it offers life.


Noël Fuzellier
Noël Fuzellier



Sébastien Haguenauer


Noël Fuzellier

Director of Photography

Arthur Cemin

Production designer

Baptiste Petit

Music by

Thomas Krameyer


Clément Maléo


Noël Fuzellier


Laurence Côte, Phlippe Rebbot, Arnaud Lechien, Virgile Sicard, Annick Darbonville

Production company(ies)

10:15! Productions

Noël Fuzellier

Born 1982. Noël educated at the French School of Milan. He moved to France in 2000 to study film at the EICAR first and then at the Sorbonne. After 6 years working in production, he directed Capitaine de soirée, his first feature short film in 2009. Shot on a shoestring for less than 2000 euros, the film gets some recognition in festival and broadcast on France 2. In Nora - supported by the Region Pays de la Loire - Noël continues to work on lost characters seeking a little space in their little world. Noël is developing various projects ranging from TV series to comics. He also co-wrote the first feature film by Laurence Côte who played Capitaine de soirée and played the lead role of Nora.


Le vacant (2007, short), Les Williams (2009, short), Capitaine de soirée (2010, short), Empty Bellies (2010, short), I'm Your Man (2011, short), Schengen (2012, short), Driving to the Edge (2012, short), The Blue Hour (2012, short), Northern Lights (2013, short), Nora (2013, short).

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