Never Ever
Never Ever

Never Ever

Director Erwan Le Duc

Production year 2014

Length 29min.

Country France


An Easter weekend in a country town. On duty at the police precinct, lieutenants Françoise Ruiz and Clémentine Arpinon are dealing with day-to-day matters. The ad hoc boredom arouses the tension between these two women that have very little in common. An intervention for disturbances of the peace at night gives them a chance to go beyond confrontation.


Erwan Le Duc
Erwan Le Duc



Sébastien Haguenauer


Erwan Le Duc

Director of Photography

Alexis Kavyrchine

Production designer

Gaelle Usandivaras


Luc Meilland


Julie Dupré


Julie-Anne Roth, Maud Wyler

Production company(ies)

10:15! Productions

Erwan Le Duc

Born 1977. Erwan Le Duc directed three amateur short films in his teenage years. His studies in Political Sciences lead him towards other adventures, working for the French embassy in Yemen or the Ministry of Culture in Paris. In 2008, he joined the online edition of Le Monde as a journalist, and started in parallel a comeback to cinema. First as a scriptwriter, notably for the Syrian director Meyar Al Roumi, then as a director with the short film Superintendent Perdrix does not travel for nothing. And he still works for Le Monde as the chief editor of the sports department.


Superintendent Perdrix Does Not Travel for Nothing (2012), Never Ever (2014).

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