Letters to Myself
Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself

Director Masha Novikova

Production year 2013

Length 82min.

Country Netherlands


For twelve years, war photographer Oleg Klimov has documented the disintegration of the Soviet Union. He was present at almost all conflicts and ethnic tensions in the 90s. His photographs appeared on the front pages of many Western newspapers as silent witnesses of the war in the former Soviet Union. But Oleg's career as a photographer has also had a personal effect on him. After years without problems, he unexpectedly faces a war trauma. Longing for inner peace Oleg returns to some of the areas where he has photographed in wartime: Nagorno--‐Karabakh, Abkhazia and Chechnya. In addition to Oleg's memories other realities arise: those of the people he then photographed.



Masha Novikova
Masha Novikova



Frank van den Engel


Masha Novikova

Director of Photography

Masha Novikova, Pavel Filippov

Music by

Jeroen Goeijers


Anatoly Turikov, Varvara Belous


Michiel Hazebroek


Oleg Klimov

Production company(ies)

Zeppers Film

Masha Novikova

Born 1956, Moscow, Russia) She studied pedagogy at the University of Moscow and worked as a teacher of Russian Language and Literature. In Kazakhstan she worked as a director’s assistant in a German drama theatre. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall she came to the Netherlands to work as an executive producer for Dutch television. At the same time she studied at Stefan Mayakowski’s ‘Kunstweb’ camera, script writing and film direction.


Fallen Angel (2005), Three Comrades (2006), Between Heaven And Eath (2007), In Memorandum: Aleksandr Litvinenko (2007), Letters to Myself (2013).

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