Khachkar-The Tree of Life
Khachkar-The Tree of Life

Khachkar-The Tree of Life

Director Tatiana Snisarenko

Production year 2014

Length 35min.

Country Russia


The film Khachkar - the Tree of Life is dedicated to the importance of preserving the traditions, culture and faith. It stresses the value of personality and originality, opposed by faceless globalization which invades people’s private life. It draws the viewer to the importance of preserving the forefathers’ faith, their moral and ethical values that can maintain the delicate balance of life both of a single person, and human civilization as a whole.



Tatiana Snisarenko
Tatiana Snisarenko



Tatiana Snisarenko


Tatiana Snisarenko

Director of Photography

Kirill Rikomy

Production designer

Asya Tatevosyan

Music by

Komitas (arranged by Arax group)


Vagik Bekchyan


Ekaterina Prokopyeva, Marina Stadnichenko, Lidia Tarasova

Tatiana Snisarenko

Born 1979, Saint Petersburg, Russia) Being an actress by profession Tatiana Snisarnko worked as film and theater actress for a certain time. Also she worked on a radio, hosting live radio programs as a scriptwriter. Currently she studies at St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy to become a documentary film director.


Isaev (2013), Molokans: Confession (2013), Khachkar- The Tree Of Life (2014).

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