Director Edward Berger

Production year 2014

Length 103min.

Country Germany


Jack runs. Everything he does is infused with purpose, every muscle in his taut little body focused on getting things done. Getting up on time. Waking his little brother Manuel. Going to school. Preparing dinner. A lot for a child. But with a single mother, Sanna, who’s sweet, girlish and utterly unable to cope, Jack runs the house - and runs it well. Until an accident breaks their little community apart. When the holidays arrive, but Sanna doesn’t pick him up and another boy bullies him with tragic results, he flees. On foot. Across the vast expanse of Berlin. To Sanna, who is nowhere to be found.



Edward Berger
Edward Berger



Jan Krüger, René Römert


Edward Berger, Nele Mueller-Stöfen

Director of Photography

Jens Harant

Production designer

Christiane Rothe

Music by

Christoph Kaiser, Julian Maas


Peter Schmidt


Janina Herhoffer


Ivo Pietzcker, Georg Arms, Luise Heyer, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Vincent Redetzki, Jacob Matschenz

Production company(ies)

Port-au-Prince Film Kultur Produktion

Edward Berger

Born 1970, Wolfsburg, Germany). Edward Berger completed his studies in film directing in 1994 at NYU in New York. Thereafter he gained his first work experience at the US independent production companyGood Machine, among other at films by Ang Lee and Todd Haynes. He is a resident of Berlin since 1997. His first feature film as a director was produced after writing the book Gomez. Berger also wrote and directed several episodes of the TV series KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst. In 2012, his film A Good Summer was awarded with the Grimme Price. Edward Berger has been working together with Nele Mueller-Stöfen for several years. Jack was developed on the base of the screenplay they wrote together.


Gomez - Heads Or Tails (1998), Female2 Seeks Happy End (2000), Good Summer (2012, TV), Mutter mus weg (2012, TV), Jack (2014).

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