Flowers from the Mount of Olives
Flowers from the Mount of Olives

Flowers from the Mount of Olives

Director Heilika Pikkov

Production year 2013

Length 70min.

Country Estonia


Right alongside Jerusalem, in a Russian Orthodox Convent in Mount of Olives, lives the 82 year-old Estonian nun Mother Ksenya. Although inside the convent’s cement walls the clock is never set and life still follows the Julius calendar, the 20 years that Mother Ksenya has spent there have passed by in a flash. In the hierarchy of the nunnery she has now achieved the second-to-last level. She is heading towards complete silence, the Great Schema. But before that she has been given permission to tell the story of her life for the very last time.



Premio Zonta Club Locarno | Locarno IFF, Switzerland, 2013

Jury Award Top Prize | EstDocs, Canada, 2013

Best Documentary of the Year | Cultural Endowment of Estonia's Awards, Estonia, 2013

Special Mention | Sguardi Altrove FF, Italy, 2014


Heilika Pikkov
Heilika Pikkov



Ülo Pikkov


Heilika Pikkov

Director of Photography

Heilika Pikkov, Astrida Konstante

Music by

Sven Grünberg


Horret Kuus


Heilika Pikkov

Production company(ies)

Silmviburlane Silla 5, Tallinn 11616, Estonia

Heilika Pikkov

Heilika Pikkov studied film and television directing at Tallinn University and spent a semester at the University of Central Lancashire in UK. In 2005, she worked for a few months in a small TV station in Israel and directed her first documentary Cherubs’ Revolt, which was screened on Estonian TV and at several festivals. Since then, she has been deeply in love with documentaries and has worked as a freelance filmmaker (directing, filming, editing), co-operating with different Estonian film production companies. Her latest author films have been developed and produced in Silmviburlane.


Cherubs’ Revolt (2006), Normal (2010), A Letter from Ruhnu (2010), Flowers from the Mount of Olives (2013).

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