Blood Is Thicker than Water
Blood Is Thicker than Water

Blood Is Thicker than Water

Director Cristian Leighton

Production year 2013

Length 52min.

Country Chile/Armenia


Narine Simonian returns to her land, the ground of her ancestors: Armenia. With five years old, she begun along her family, the longest travel of her life that finally led them to the other side of the world, a distant country called Chile. Narine, with twenty-eight years, begins to know Armenia again, an Armenia she barely remembered, but she still preserved the sensations of a little girl who keeps in her memories fragments of life and emptiness, which wants to fill up. Above all, she wants to keep alive the ties that still remain: her greatest desire is to find her father, who returned to Armenia 7 years ago. With the support of her grandmother, finally she finds him, after a difficult search, where she confronts her own pain, motivated by the necessity of understanding the reasons who divided her family for so long. Finally, there is a reencounter where Narine is searching for her identity and her strong pride as Armenian.



Cristian Leighton
Cristian Leighton



Daniela Bunster


Cristian Leighton

Director of Photography

Eduardo Cruz Coke


Miranda & Tobar


Sebastián Brahm


Narine Simonian

Production company(ies)

Surreal Av El Bosque 1867 Providencia. Santiago, Chile

Cristian Leighton

Born 1964, Santiago, Chile) He has received seven Altazor Awards for best TV director. This award is the most important acknowledgment for the Chilean artists. In 2005, the VII Buenos Aires Independent Cinema Festival of Argentina (BAFICI), made a tribute and a retrospective about his audiovisual work. In 2007, Cristián Leighton was awarded with the Medal of Honor by the Chilean Senate for his contribution to Chilean Television. In 2010, and in the framework of the Chilean bicentennial, Leighton received the Bicentennial Award of the Circle of Art Critics of Chile that distinguishes some of the most important living artists in the history of the national arts.


The Desert Train (1995), No Problem (2001), Ultraman (2004), Kawase-san (2009, doc.), Blood Is Thicker than Water (2013).

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