Barbaric Land
Barbaric Land

Barbaric Land

Director Yervant Gianikian , Angela Ricci Lucchi

Production year 2013

Length 65min.

Country France


Every era has its fascism. A film necessary for us at this time, over fascism and colonialism. The camera rummages in privates and anonymous archives of Ethiopia of the Italian colonial period. The Colonial eroticism. The naked body of women and the body of the film. Images of the Duce in Africa, the mass in 1945, after the Liberation, etc.


Yervant Gianikian , Angela Ricci Lucchi
Yervant Gianikian , Angela Ricci Lucchi



Sylvie Brenet


Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi

Music by

Giovanna Marini, Keith Ullrich


Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi


Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi

Production company(ies)

Les Films d’Ici

Yervant Gianikian , Angela Ricci Lucchi

Yervant Gianikian (born to Armenian parents) studied architecture in Venice; Angela Ricci-Lucchi studied painting in Austria with Oskar Kokoschka. Setting in Milan, they have devoted their activities to the cinema since the mid-seventies, first with their performance screening of scened films, then with their artisanal re-working of the old films of their collection which they tinted, toned and re-edited - as they did, for example, in From the Pole to the Equator/ Dal polo all'equatore with footage shot by pioneer Luca Comerio. Working like archeologists with filmstock, ideologies and culture, they have developed a cinema which is not only narrative and poetry but also critique and analysis of the recycled footage.


Erat Sora (1975), Wladimir Propp – Perfume of Wolf (1975), Of the Sleep and the Dreams of the Limited Rose on the Sence of the Odored (1975), Rose Perfumed Alice (1975), Klinger and the Glove (1975), Catalogue of the Dismantling (1975), Don’t Think about the Perfume of Bunuel (1975), Comparative Catalogue (1975), Stone Book (1975), From November 2nd to the Easter Day (1975-76), Cesare Lombrosso on the Odor of the Pink (1976), Of Some Flowers Not Easily Catalogued (1976), Catalogues Aren’t Other than the Odors that Smell (1976), Catalogue N. 2 (1976), Perfume (1977), Catalogue N. 3 – Odor of Bast Around the House (1977), Un prestigiatore, una miniaturista (1978), Karagoez et les bruleurs d'herbes parfumes (1979), Essence d'absinthe (1981), Das Lied Von Der Erde - Gustav Mahler (1982), Karagoez-Catalogue (1979-1981), From the Pole to the Equator (1986), Return to Khodorciur - Armenian Diary (1986), Fragments (1987), The Most Beloved by the Italians (1988), Passion (1988), People Years Life (1990), Italian Archives N. 1 - The Flower of the Race (1991), Italian Archives N. 2 (1991), Mario Giacomelli - Contact (1993), Criminal Animals (1994), African Diary (1994), Air (1994), Prisoners of the War (1995), Diana’s Mirror (1996, short), Nocturne (1997, short), I Remember (1997, short), Transparencies (1998, short), On All the Heights It’s Peace (1998), Balkan Inventory (2000), Visions of the Desert (2000, short), Images of Orient - Vandal Tourism (2001), Electrical Fragments N. 1. Rom (People) (2002), Electrical Fragments N. 2. Bodies (2002), Electrical Fragments N. 3. Viet-Nam (2002), New Caledonia (2004), Oh! Man (2004), Electrical Fragments N.4. N.5. Asia – Africa (2005), Ghiro ghiro tondo (2007), Electrical Fragmnets N.6 – Diary 1989. Dancing in the Dark (2009), Lost Film (2010, short), Notes sur nos voyage en Russie 1989-1990 (2011), Barbaric Land (2013).

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