Babylon XX
Babylon XX

Babylon XX

Director Ivan Mykolaychuk

Production year 1979

Length 95min.

Country Ukraine


A village with a curious name of Vavilon (Babylon) led a tranquil life. The only thing that set it apart from other similarly tranquil and picturesque villages was the fact that it had its own philosopher Fabian always accompanied by his pet billy goat. Shock waves of revolutionary upheaval reach the village. A Bolshevik sailor Klym Synytsia returns to Vavilon. What follows is a usual combination of things for that time: a Bolshevik organized collective farm, the kulaks (rich independent farmers) rabidly opposing it, a bloody showdown between the two, portrayed with a great deal of wit and humor.


Ivan  Mykolaychuk
Ivan Mykolaychuk



Vasyl Zemliak, Ivan Mykolaichuk

Director of Photography

Yurii Harmash

Production designer

Anatolii Mamontov

Music by

Ivan Mykolaichuk


Tetiana Bondarchuk


Lyubov Polishchuk, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Les Serdiuk, Yaroslav Havryliuk, Taisiia Lytvynenko, Boryslav Brondukov, Liudmyla Chynsheva, Anatolii Khostikoiev

Production company(ies)

Dovzhenko Film Studio

Ivan Mykolaychuk

1941, Chortoryia, Ukraina (USSR) - 1987 Soviet actor, producer, and screen writer from Ukraine. He is best known for playing the Hutsul Ivan in Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1964), based on Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky's book of the same name. He received the Komsomol Pprize of Ukraine in 1967, and the title of Meritorious Artist of the Ukrainian SSR in 1968. He posthumously received the Taras Shevchenko prize. His films were often controversial and suppressed by the Soviet authorities; sometimes his films were banned from being screened by the KGB. Mykolaichuk died in 1987 at the age of 46. He left a lasting legacy on Ukrainian film. Many consider him to be the greatest actor in the history of Ukrainian Cinematography.


Babylon XX (1979), So Late and Warm Autumn (1981).

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