A Night at Parajanov Museum
A Night at Parajanov Museum

A Night at Parajanov Museum

Director Roman Balayan

Production year 19988

Length 23min.

Country Ukraine


The film is a unique tribute of the director to his master. The space is empty, in the sense, there are no people there, but the items live their peculiar life until the rooster cries out. And that is be the rooster Parajanov made, God knows of what kind of improvised material at hand. It feels like the wind is a night walker here and it turns over the pages of the books. Glass breaking can be heard. The good thing is there are enough collages made of phials and luxurious tableware set fragments. The dolls sit on the frames, letting their legs hang, just like they do in daytime, but something mystical, something fateful appears in them. And Parajanov is close, built-into some other life, in epaulets or even with the people of past epochs. The lamps are switched on, even the oil stoves – everything is the way Parajanov liked. But then it is daybreak already, the rooms are filled with sunlight, and everything changes.



Roman Balayan
Roman Balayan



Roman Balayan

Director of Photography

Nikolay Mandrych


Sergei Vachi


Oleg Timoshenko

Production company(ies)

1+1 Studio Illusion Films

Roman Balayan

Born 1941, Nerkin Horatagh, Nagorno-Karabakh) A graduate of the Cinema School of the Kyiv State Theatre Institute with a diploma of a film director in 1969, Balayan has since been living and working in Kyiv and Moscow as a film director, scriptwriter and producer.


Thief (1969), Anatole Petritskiy (1970), The Romashkin Effect (1973), Kashtanka (1975), Lone Wolf (1977), Flights in Dreams and in Reality (1982), The Kiss (1983), Guard Me, My Talisman (1987), The Spy (1987), Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District (1990), The First Love (1995), Two Moons, Three Suns (1998), A Night in the Parajanov Museum (1998), The Night Is Bright (2004), Birds of Paradise (2008)

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