Wolf’s Mouth
Wolf’s Mouth

Wolf’s Mouth

Director Pietro Marcello

Production year 2009

Length 76min.

Country Italy


A man returns home after a long absence. He gets off the train in a grey port city. He crosses the town in search of places of times gone by, now in decline, straining to uphold their former ancient glory. In a modest apartment in the ghetto of the old quarter, waiting for him for years is a cold dinner and his life companion. Mary and Enzo have been waiting and wanting each other since they first met behind bars, when they sent each other silent messages, recorded on hidden tapes. Their dream is a small house in the countryside overlooking the city and the sea, far from the pressures of present times, suspended in another time of never ending happiness. Now and again they divide their furtive destiny with their companions in the labyrinth of Croce Bianca, via Pré, Sottoripa… ancient names in a place untouched by modern age where the twentieth century has run aground like a ship without an anchor.


FIPRESCI Prize, Prize of the City of Torino | Torino Young Cinema IFF, Italy, 2009

Caligari Film Award, Teddy | Berlinale, Germany, 2010

SIGNIS Award, Special Jury Prize | Buenos Aires Independent Cinema IFF, Argentina, 2010

Best Documentary | David di Donatello Awards, Italy, 2010

Silver Ribbon (Best Documentary) | Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, Italy, 2010


Pietro Marcello
Pietro Marcello



Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Dario Zonta


Pietro Marcello

Director of Photography

Pietro Marcello

Music by

Emanuele Vernillo


Emanuele Vernillo


Sara Fgaier

Production company(ies)

company(-ies) Indigo Film, l’Avventurosa Film

Pietro Marcello

Born 1976, Caserta, Italy. Between 1998 and 2003 Marcello worked in organizing and planning the Cinedamm screening sessions at the Damm centre in Montesanto, Naples. He has worked as an assistant director on a number of Italian films. In 2004, he directed the documentary film, Il cantiere,which was awarded at the Festival Libero Bizzarri. His film Crossing the Line, selected in 2007 for the Orizzonti section of the Venice IFF, gained him international recognition, along with his other documentaries.


Map (2003, short), Scampia (2003, short), Il cantiere (2004. short), The Hovel (2005, short), Crossing the Line (2007), The Mouth of the Wolf (2009), Napoli 24 (segment Rettifilo, 2010,), .Marco Bellocchio,Venezia 2011 (2011, short), The Silence of Peleshyan (2011).

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