White Lamb’s Dream
White Lamb’s Dream

White Lamb’s Dream

Director Hrant Vardanyan

Production year 2013

Length 14min.

Country Armenia


This is a story woven in a grotesque, absurdity and tragic farce  – a look at the world with the eyes of a lamb – that brings forward philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, loyalty, friendship, love and betrayal. Who are we - people or a dumb bleating herd? How do we treat others and ourselves? What do we place upon a pedestal and what do we worship?  The film is about how in our modern evil world, commonly, a phenomenon can be seen when a shepherd who is called to lead his people turns out to be a Judas, a betrayer who is ready to sell for thirty pieces of silver.



Hrant Vardanyan
Hrant Vardanyan



Aram Gevorgyan, Hrant Vardanyan


Hrant Vardanyan

Director of Photography

Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan


aren Tsaturyan, Aydin Davoudi


Michael Khalapyan


Samvel Sedrakyan, Arman Miridjanyan, Marine Petrosyan, Seda Gianikyan, Armen Barseghyan, Vahagn Gasparyan, Hasmik Babayan, Vigen Stepanyan, Arimine Poghosyan, Karine Janjughazyan

Production company(ies)

Arev Film Studio

Hrant Vardanyan

Born 1962, Yerevan, Armenia. Vardanyan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports as a trainer of water polo in 1995. Never working as a trainer, he started working as a silversmith, then painter. At last his pursuit brought him to the world of cinema –his childhood dream. In 1995 he made his first short movie, Silence. He made many commercial videos, also videos of famous Armenian and Russian pop singers that won prizes at the National Music Awards. In 2011, Vardanyan founded Arev Film Studio in Yerevan and where he works as a director. He is a co-writer of a feature film script “1+1=1” with the Russian scriptwriter Vadim Levanov.


Silence (1995, short), Our Tasty Childhood (2000, short), The Best Cook (2007, short), Malkhas (2004, short), White Lamb’s Dream (2013, short).

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