What the Eye Doesn’t See
What the Eye Doesn’t See

What the Eye Doesn’t See

Director Natalia Mateo

Production year 2012

Length 30min.

Country Spain


On Christmas Eve you have to have fun, because Santa Claus is on his way and because of the children. But on this night secrets are exposed and lies are floating in the atmosphere. However, who cares about one more little lie…if it will be the last.


Prize of Aesthetic Quality | Brno Short FF, Czech Republic, 2012

Audience Award | Ribadedeva SFF, Spain, 2012

1st Prize, Youth Prize, Jury Prize for Best Script | Medina del Campo FF, Spain, 2012


Natalia Mateo
Natalia Mateo



Stefan Schmitz, María Zamora


Natalia Mateo

Director of Photography

José Martín Rosete

Production designer

Iker Elías


Carlos de Hita


David Pinillos


Asunción Balaguer, Ana Wagener, Carlos Olalla, Raquel Pérez, Luis Callejo, Canco Rodríguez, Esther Ortega, Teo Planell, Jemima Vizcarro

Production company(ies)

Avalon P.C.(Madrid)

Natalia Mateo

Born 1975, Cuenca, Spain. Natalia Mateo discovered direction and writing through interpretation. Almost without realizing it, character after character and job after job as an actress, she felt she also needed to tell her own stories. Quite naturally, she moved from theater to cinema and is currently preparing her first feature length film after three short films that received appraise from both critics and audiences.


Test (2007, short), What Fun! (2010, short) What the Eye Doesn’t See (2012, short).

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