Till Night Do Us Part
Till Night Do Us Part

Till Night Do Us Part

Director Boris Khlebnikov

Production year 2012

Length 65min.

Country Russia


What do men and women really talk about? The film is based on real stories overheard in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurant. The meeting place engulfs famous artists, bloated businessmen, kept mistresses and gilded youth into a whirlwind of its headlong life. The episodes are bound together by a story of two waiters – the fat one and the thin one. Both of them are desperately in love, one with his wife and the other with another man’s wife. And real love is born in the kitchen… 


Grand Prix | Kinotavr IFF, Sochi, Russia, 2012


Boris Khlebnikov
Boris Khlebnikov



Elena Stepanischeva, Yevgeniy Semin, Zaur Bolotayev, Petr Gudkov, Aleksandr Plotnikov, Vlad Ogay.


Aleksandr Rodionov

Director of Photography

Pavel Kostomarov

Production designer

Olga Khlebnikova

Music by

Sergei Shnurov


Maria Ushenina


Yuliya Batalova


lexander Yatsenko, Yevgeni Syty, Sakhat Dursunov, Alena Doletskaya, Agniya Kuznetsova, Sergei Shnurov, Alexander Rebenok, Anna Mikhalkova, Avdotya Smirnova

Production company(ies)

First Creative Union LookFilm

Boris Khlebnikov

Born 1972, Moscow, Russia. For two years he studied biology at Moscow State Pedagogical Institute before beginning his studies in film at Moscow State Film Institute (VGIK). In VGIK he made a short film Passing by with Aleksey Popogrebsky. Independently he went on to make Clever Frog (short). He made his debut as a director of a full-length feature film with Koktebel (together with Aleksey Popogrebsky).


Passing by (1997, short, doc., C0-Dir.: A. Popogrebsky), Clever Frog (2000, short), Koktebel (2003), Free Floating (2006), He Has Gone (short, doc., Co-Dir.: Valeria Gay-Germanika), Help Gone Mad (2009), Crush (2009, short), Till Night Do Us Part (2012), A Long and Happy Life (2013).

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