The Swing of the Coffin Maker
The Swing of the Coffin Maker

The Swing of the Coffin Maker

Director Elmar Imanov

Production year 2012

Length 29min.

Country Germany


Azerbaijan. Yagub lives with his adult son Musa in a small house in a desolate area. They lead a solitary life. Musa, mentally disabled and limited in his motor skills, assists his father with his work. Yagub is a carpenter and earns his money primarily with coffins that he carpenters for Georgians and Russians.  Whenever being confronted with the clumsiness of his son he often reacts indignantly – with beating. When Musa is diagnosed with a deadly illness, the emotional numbing of the father slowly dissolves as he tries to make the last days of his son as enjoyable as possible – until Sabir delivers a surprising message.


Student Academy Award Foreign Film in Bronze | , USA, 2012

German Film Critics‘ Award | European Short FF Cologne, Germany, 2012

Golden Award | ISFVF Beijing Film Academy Student IFF, China, 2012

Best Cinematography Award | Rhode Island IFF, USA, 2012

Best Movie under 30 minutes | Student IFF of Potsdam, Germany, 2012

Best Film | Gulf FF Dubai, UAE, 2013

Best International Film | Silence, on court!, France, 2013

Best International Film | Ffresh FF, Wales, UK, 2012


Elmar Imanov
Elmar Imanov



Eva Blondiau


Elmár Imánov

Director of Photography

Driss Azhari

Production designer

Ketevan Nozadze


Bastian Bothe


Bastian Bothe


Shamil Suleymanli, Rasim Jafarov, Gurban Ismailov, Emin Samedzade, Zülfiya Gurbanova, Elmár Imánov, Aytac Abdullayeva

Production company(ies)

IFS International Filmschool Cologne

Elmar Imanov

Born 1985, Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2005-06, Elmar Imanov studied film production for six months in Freedonia. Since 2006, he studied directing at IFS (International Film School, Cologne). In 2007, he passed a 3-months practical training in several shootings in Baku (Azerbaijan Film Studio). In 2008, Imanov studied in Ehram TV in Baku, and in 2012, he was awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Directing.


I Am Here (2006, doc.), Shamil (2008, short), AIDS Spot (2008, short), Mugam – a Music from Azerbaijan (2009), Tree of Hope (2009), He Is Not Good for You (2009, short), Wherever We Are (2010, doc.), The Bunker (2010, doc.), Vahid (2010, doc.), I Am Actor (2010, short), Behind Closed Eyes (2011, short), The Swing of the Coffin Maker (2012, short).

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