The Seagull
The Seagull

The Seagull

Director Elizaveta Stishova

Production year 2012

Length 32min.

Country Kyrgyzstan/Russia


Kyrgyzstan's lake, Issyk-Kull, is as big as an ocean while completely surrounded by mountains. On the northern side of the lake there is a lonely single storey school with white walls. Talip, the Russian language teacher doesn't work there anymore, he is retired. But…is it possible for the Russian literature to die-out? And the seagulls that fly above the Issyk -Kul lake…aren't they like Chekhov's seagulls? Talip convinces his pupils to make a performance of the “Seagull” in Russian. Though, it seems that nobody except for the big Issyk-Kul Lake wishes to interact with him. Old, an outcast, a devoted fan of the Russian culture, lonely and angry, poor but full of energy, he will fight for his idea even if it will cost him his life.


Best Director | Kyrgyz Short FF, Kyrgyzstan, 2012

Best Short | Young Cinema Forum, Kyrgyzstan, 2012

Best Short, Best Script | Saint Anna FF, Russia, 2013


Elizaveta  Stishova
Elizaveta Stishova



Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, Maria Avakova, Natalia Demidova


Alisa Khmelnitskaya

Director of Photography

Alexandr Pochepko

Music by

Asan Chyngyzbayev, Fedor Sofronov


Andrey Gurianov


Elizaveta Stishova


Asan Amanov, Aidana Satybekova, Yunus Tekche

Production company(ies)

Sleep Well pictures, Aitysh Film

Elizaveta Stishova

Born 1980, Moscow, Russia. Stishova graduated in the Faculty of Directing from the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS). From 2001-07 she worked as an actress at School of Drama Art Theatre. Stishova attended Higher Courses of Directors and Scriptwriters in 2007-09 at V. Menshov then moved to Aitysh Film, Kyrgyzstan as a director. In parallel with shooting several short films in 2011, she was also the second crew director in two feature films.


I Am Not Chaplin (2007, short), Arta (2008, short), The Hen (2008, short), Watering (2009, short), The Seagull (2012, short).

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