The Right to Love
The Right to Love

The Right to Love

Director Paul Kurti

Production year 2012

Length 92min.

Country USA/Russia


Amina, a Circassian Muslim actress, moves to New York with ambitions of performing on Broadway. When she falls in love with Tony, an Albanian Catholic man, his disapproving family goes to great length to end their relationship. Will their romance survive and will Amina realize her acting dreams amidst social and religious prejudices?



Paul Kurti
Paul Kurti



Marina Bolotokova


Amina Zhaman

Director of Photography

Gunthar Ross

Music by

Amina Zhaman


Mike Presta, Maksim Bratchikov


Paul Kurti, Syd Pavok


Shpend Xani, Amina Zhaman, Pavlina Mani

Production company(ies)

Oriental Pearl LLC,

Paul Kurti

Paul Kurti is an Albanian-Canadian filmmaker. He is the grandson of Albanian actress, Tinka Kurti and grew up with a deep interest in visual forms of expression, including drawing, architecture and film. He studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Kurti has directed various music videos and short films including the YOBI Film-Award-winning Restless Wanderer. His films have screened at such festivals as WILDsound (Canada), DreamBox (Japan), and Tirana IFF(Albania). In 2012, he directed his first feature Right to Love. His biggest film influence is the German director Werner Herzog.


Change (2008, short), Restless Wanderer (2008, short), Last Visit (2008, short), Untitled (2011, short), Right to Love (2012).

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