The Last Black Sea Pirates
The Last Black Sea Pirates

The Last Black Sea Pirates

Director Svetoslav Stoyanov

Production year 2013

Length 72min.

Country Bulgaria


For 20 years, Captain Jack the Whale and his crew have been drinking, dreaming and hunting for a treasure buried in the gully of Karadere, the pristine beach they call home.  But someone else has got wind of Karadere’s treasures. When news of imminent change begins to find its way to this remote oasis, the pirates' world begins to unravel. Doubts erode the foundations of trust, conflicts brew and tensions are on the rise. In this crisis, emerges a contemporary fairy tale about the treasures we hunt and those that we find.



Svetoslav Stoyanov
Svetoslav Stoyanov



Martichka Bozhilova


Vanya Rainova

Director of Photography

Orlin Ruevski, Ivan Nikolov


Momchil Bozhkov


Petar Marinov

Production company(ies)

Agitprop 68, Budapest Str., ap.1 1202 Sofia Bulgaria

Svetoslav Stoyanov

Born 1972, Sofia, Bulgaria. Stoyanov is a director and DOP whose short documentaries, experimental films and audio-visual projects have been screened across Europe and selected in the official competitions of festivals in Athens, Madrid, Moscow, Dublin, Sarajevo, Bratislava and Venice. His work has participated in the Venice Biennial and received awards in Skopje and Yerevan. The Last Black Sea Pirates is his feature film debut.


The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013).

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