The Hunter
The Hunter

The Hunter

Director Ara (Arush) Arushanyan

Production year 2013

Length 20min.

Country Armenia/Russia


His family- his wife and new born son,
Rely only on a cow,
For, the cow is their only means of living.
Though, this cow did not survive to the first day of our story:
A hungry wolf tore the cow into pieces.
For the wolf had nothing else to feed on,
As the humans had destroyed all the game.
Thus, Nelson exchanges all his medals
For three cartridges with his evil brother,
Who lives richly,
In the expense of those who suffer.
To buy their gold for pennies, that’s his approach.
The fur of three wolves and a deer is the price for a new cow.
With a gun, Nelson angrily leaves for the forest,
Like a wolf, he looks for someone to kill,
As a way of relieving himself from his sorrows.
The moral of the story is this: When a man is compassionless, he is a best.
But when a beast has compassion, what do we call him?



Ara (Arush) Arushanyan
Ara (Arush) Arushanyan



Ara Arushanyan, Armen Grigoryan


Ara Arushanyan

Director of Photography

Vazgen Muradyan

Production designer

Ara Arushanyan

Music by

Evgeni Milovanov


Gevorg Shakhnazaryan, Ara Arushanyan


Manvel Hovsepyan, Ara Arushanyan


Armen Grayg, Anna Arush, Eduard Shakhnazaryan

Production company(ies)

KenigArts Pictures

Ara (Arush) Arushanyan

Brn 1974, Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh. Arushanyan has been a film director, screenwriter and producer since 1999. He is the founder of the Digidez Studio and KenigArts Pictures Companies. The Hunter, his first film, participated in the Short Film Corner program at Cannes IFF 2013, Jagran FF, Mumbai (India), Frederick FF, Maryland (USA). He lives in Moscow and Yerevan.


The Hunter (2013).

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