The Girl from Gori
The Girl from Gori

The Girl from Gori

Director Eka Papiashvili

Production year 2012

Length 14min.

Country Georgia/Germany


Tamari, a young war refugee from South Ossetia, is preparing for her first day at her new school in a small Georgian mining village. Arriving to class with a new package of markers given to her by her mother, Tamari is seated beside Datho, a boy who is often mocked by his Georgian classmates because of his Russian heritage. Seeing an opportunity to finally pick on someone himself, Datho destroys Tamari’s markers. When Tamari rejects his initial attempts to apologize, Datho must find a way to make amends.


Honorable Mention | Oberhausen IFF, Germany, 2012

Best Youth Film | La Normandie et Le Monde, France, 2012

Audience Award | Shorts at Moonlight, Germany, 2012

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Prize | , Germany, 2013

Honorable Mention | Mamers en Mars FF, France, 2013


Eka Papiashvili
Eka Papiashvili



Carsten Böhnke


Eka Papiashvili, Carsten Böhnke

Director of Photography

Carsten Böhnke


Urs Hauck


Andi Preisner


Ilia Sabiashvili, Nanuka Mosseshvili, Lia Beriashvili

Production company(ies)

Böhnke Papiashvili GbR, Greenstonefilms

Eka Papiashvili

Born 1976, Bolnisi, Georgia. Papiashvili studied anthropology and directing in Freiburg, Germany. She began her career working in movie theatres and later as an assistant director on various projects. Her directorial debut, The Girl from Gori, has screened at many film festivals.


The Girl from Gori (2012, short).

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