The Big Leap
The Big Leap

The Big Leap

Director Kristoffer Rus

Production year 2013

Length 13min.

Country Poland/Sweden


Three people meet atop a skyscraper. They have the same intention – to commit suicide due to a major financial crisis. The conflict quickly escalates when they discover that they all represent a different conviction about the afterlife. The only way to find out who’s right is to take The Big Leap.


Award for the Best Film Editing | Krakow FF, Poland, 2013


Kristoffer Rus
Kristoffer Rus



Kristoffer Rus


Renata Czarnkowska-Listoś, Kaśka Krośny, Ewa Borgunska, Maciej Strzembosz

Director of Photography

Kristoffer Rus

Production designer

Agata Uchman, Szymon Gaszczynski

Music by

Kristian “Polarman” Eliasson


Tomasz Wieczorek


Bartosz Pietras


Tilly Scott Pedersen, Gustaf Skarsgård, Arkadiusz Jakubik

Production company(ies)

Prasa i Film, East of West Cinema AB

Kristoffer Rus

Rus graduated from Kulturama film school in Stockholm and Wajda School in Warsaw. He has directed festival winning short films such as The Apple Tree (Audience Award, Gothenbourg FF; Winner, Palm Springs FF) and Street Feeling (Palm Springs FF, San Sebastian IFF). He has even fought with Ingmar Bergman’s demons while directing Scenes from a Marriage for the theater stage. Currently Rus is working on the adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel Masakra Profana by Jarosław Stawirej.


Red on White (2000, short), Smiling Faces (2001, short), The Last Round (2002, short), The Apple Three (2003, short), Street Feeling (2009, short), The big Leap (2013, short).

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