Tailless Hermit
Tailless Hermit

Tailless Hermit

Director Khachik Chalikyan

Production year 2012

Length 97min.

Country Armenia


The film is based on a play with the same title. According to the Armenian medieval legend, St. Karapet (John the Baptist), before being beheaded, cursed the women, forbidding them to approach his grave. However, a girl named Houri goes on a pilgrimage to the grave of the Saint and grows a tail and beard. Thus, she is condemned to eternally serve to the grave of the saint. The opening of the film shows the arrival of the relics of St. Karapet for reburial. Houri, with her devoted companion Loshtak (arm. The lop-eared) appears in the presidential hall. Here begins the tragedy; the eternal spirit of love appearing in our loveless reality destructs and disappears.



Khachik Chalikyan
Khachik Chalikyan



Oshin Yeghiazaryants


Khachik Chalikyan

Director of Photography

Arto Khachaturyan

Production designer

Gayane Sirabekyan

Music by

Vache Sharafyan


Khachik Chalikyan


Karen Baghinyan, Arpine Gevorgyan


Mariam Meliksetyan, Narine Grigoryna, Yuri Kostanyan, Ashot Adamyan, Arsen Abrahamyan, Armen Shatvoryan, Armen Abrahamyan

Khachik Chalikyan

Born 1951, Yerevan, Armenia. In 1975 Chalikyan graduated from the department of directing from the Institute of Arts and Theatre, Yerevan. He was employed by HayFilmStudio, initially as an assistant director and later as a course head in the acting studio. In 1978-83, he was a stage director of dramatic editorial of State Television of Armenia. In 1980, he founded the Patuhan(arm. Window) Theatre and was the artistic director until 1996. Since 1987 Chalikyan has been a course head at the Department of Direction, Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute named after Kh. Abovyan. He has also staged several performances.


Diogenes the Dog (1975), Crucifixion (1989), Trial (1993), Midwinter Night Dream (1995), A Rainbow of Black and White (2005), Tailless Hermit (2012).

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