Rhino Full Throttle
Rhino Full Throttle

Rhino Full Throttle

Director Erik Schmitt

Production year 2013

Length 15min.

Country Germany


Bruno is making his way through the city searching for its soul. Driven by his curiosity, challenging imagination and wild reflection on reality he is lifting the old dusty curtain on the city’s crusted perception. Bruno is collecting patterns, spaces and surfaces, showing us the city as we have never seen it before.



Erik Schmitt
Erik Schmitt



Fabian Gasmia, Henning Kamm


Erik Schmitt, Stephan Müller

Director of Photography

Johannes Louis

Music by

Nils Frahm, David Nesselhauf


Elia Brose, Fedor Goritzki


Erik Schmitt


Tino Mewes, Marleen Lohse

Production company(ies)

Dovzhenko Film StudioDetailfilm Gasmia & Kamm GbR

Erik Schmitt

Born 1980, Mainz, Germany. Erik quickly started to study the many forms of communication in Geneva, Munich and Melbourne but was successfully lured into the capital. He completed his studies in communication sciences at the FU Berlin. At some point he learned to use the camera not only as a walking stick and started Kamerapferd together with Stephan Müller.


Kalimantan (2006, doc.), Video Kind (2007, Short), How to Fly High (2009, short), Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun (2010, doc.), Now Follows (2010, short), Somewhere Else (2012, short), My Mind Wanders (2012, short), Rhino Full Throttle (2012, short).

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