Rendez-vous in Kiruna
Rendez-vous in Kiruna

Rendez-vous in Kiruna

Director Anna Novion

Production year 2012

Length 99min.

Country France


Ernest, a successful French architect, is devoted to his work. One day, a phone call from the Swedish police convinces him to undergo a long trip to northern Sweden. He must identify the body of a perfect stranger... his own son, whom he has never met. The convictions of this bossy and suspicious man will eventually be shaken after his encounter with Magnus, a lost and sensitive young man that serves as a kind of surrogate son. Throughout this journey, Magnus will make confront Ernest an unknown part of himself and help him better understand this rendezvous in Kiruna.


Golden Pyramid | Cairo IFF, Egypt, 2012


Anna Novion
Anna Novion



Yann Gilbert, Cecile Telerma


Olivier Massart, Anna Novion

Director of Photography

Pierre Novion


Cedric Deloche


Margot Seban


Jean- Pierre Darroussin, Anastasios Soulis, Claes Lyungmark, Kim Bodnia, Judith Henry

Production company(ies)

Yann Gilbert & Cecile Telerman

Anna Novion

Born 1979, Paris, France. Novion was admitted to the University of Saint-Denis to study cinema in 2000. A few years later, after obtaining her diploma, she received a DEA (post-graduate degree) at Jussieu. The subject of her thesis is Anguish, Guilt and Despair in Bergman's oeuvre. Additionally, she directed three shorts as part of her film studies degree. Fascinated by Sweden, she chose this country as the setting of her first two features.


On prend pas la mer quand on la connaît pas (2005, short), Grown Ups (2008), Rendez-vous in Kiruna (2012).

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