Red Snow
Red Snow

Red Snow

Director Luka Popadić

Production year 2013

Length 23min.

Country Switzerland/Serbia


Is it moral to torture someone, who may be innocent, in order to prevent mass murder? How far can a human being go in threatening another person to save innocent lives? The film, based on true and little-known events, tells us about the inner conflict of a German Wehrmachtsofficer during the  occupation of Serbia in 1941.


Luka Popadić
Luka Popadić



Julia Tal, Luka Popadić, Nenad Velikčović


Luka Popadić

Director of Photography

Vladan Obradović

Production designer

Bojana Nikolić


Saša Rančić


Petra Beck, Feđa Hadžić


Jörg Koslowsky, Vuk Jovanović, Gottfried Breitfuss

Production company(ies)

LP Film

Luka Popadić

Born 1980, Baden, Switzerland. After graduating from high school Popadić wandered around for several years: He was a student of political science, farmer, construction worker, owner of a LLC company which specialized in printing, call center outbound agent, party promoter, graphic designer, musician, graffiti writer and an officer in the Swiss Army. Finally, his journey led him to film directing where he found his fulfillment. He began working with a couple of friends and later completed his studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade. During his studies he made several short fiction and documentary films that were successfully shown and awarded at numerous festivals around the world.


Free State of Edmund (2010, short), Red Snow (2013, short).

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