Princess’ War
Princess’ War

Princess’ War

Director Vladimir Alenikov

Production year 2013

Length 90min.

Country Russia


The small town, Rosrentgen, located in the Moscow suburbs was divided in the 1990s between its two ruling adolescent gangs – the local Russians and the refugees from the Southern republics of the former Soviet Union. A Russian girl nicknamed, “Princess” and Karen, an Armenian boy, fall in love. `They are forced to fight for their rights and develop feelings for one another in an atmosphere filled with hate, cruelty, and most significantly of all, religious and ethnic intolerance.



Vladimir Alenikov
Vladimir Alenikov



Vladimir Alenikov


Vladimir Alenikov, Denis Rodimin

Director of Photography

Maxim Osadchyi

Production designer

Fyodor Saveliev

Music by

Irena Scalerica


Irena Scalerica


Vladimir Alenikov, Olga Proshkina


Yekaterina Cherepukhina, Aram Gevorkyan, Artur Smolyaninov, Lyanka Gryu, Natalya Ionova, Tamara Tana, Anastasia Alen

Production company(ies)

Productions & Bright Future International

Vladimir Alenikov

Born 1948, St. Petersburg, Russia. The multi-award winning writer and director, Vladimir Alenikov began his career in Soviet Russia when his first widespread success came with a series of children’s films featuring his own characters, Petrov and Vasechkin. `Turning to the stage in 1985, Alenikov wrote, produced, and directed the first Soviet-American stage musical entitled, Peace Child, which was performed in 32 countries including the United States. In 1990 Alenikov completed The Drayman and the King, the first Russian film musical. `In 1991, Alenikov captured the resistance to the Russian coup in his acclaimed documentary The Awakening. `This was followed with an American-Russian co-production, Time of Darkness (aka The Clearing), starring George Segal. During the last decade, Alenikov has also successfully worked as a writer, publishing novels and children’s stories in Russia. He is a member of the International PEN Club in both Russia and the USA. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of the oldest and one of the biggest Russian film studios.


Petrov and Vasechkin (1983), The Drayman and the King (1990), The Awakening (1991, doc.), Time of Darkness `(1991), To Save a Man (1996, doc.), The Gun (from 6 to 7:30 P.M.) (2003), God’s Smile or the Odessa Story (2008), Princess’ War (2013).

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