Moving Stories
Moving Stories

Moving Stories

Director Nora Armani

Production year 2012

Length 19min.

Country USA/France


Moving Stories is about two women moving. Otherwise total strangers Helga and Nela are linked through the apartment of which the first one is moving out and the second one in. One is leaving behind New York, her hometown for the past 40 years, and relocating back to Germany her country of origin, while the other is moving yet one more time along many moves from and into apartments in different cities, countries and even continents. Neither of them realizes that it may be a traumatic experience regardless of how many times one moves or how far the shift extends. Packing, leaving and relocating. It is never easy. A new cycle, a new beginning, a new life… Life truly imitates art in Moving Stories, a fiction film, as Armani is inspired during the 18th move of her adult life and develops the concept of the film while moving from one NYC residence to another.



Nora Armani
Nora Armani



Nora Armani


Nora Armani

Director of Photography

Matthew Hefferin

Production designer

Ared Spendjian

Music by

Jean-Jacques Lemêtre


Jean-Baptiste Saint Pol


Harry Glennon, Jason Guerra


Nora Armani, Sheilagh Weymouth, Laurie Folkes

Production company(ies)

Parev Productions

Nora Armani

Born 1955, Giza, Egypt) Moving Stories is Nora Armani’s fiction film directorial debut. Her other films are features (collaboration) and documentaries. As an actress she has toured internationally garnering many awards and accolades. She has acted in TV series and has also appeared in the French films La Nouvelle Eve, Voisin Voisine and the US film Salaam Shalom. In Armenia she starred in the feature films: Deadline in Seven Days, Labyrinth and Last Station, as well as the documentary Endless Escape, Eternal Return. In 2011, she conducted a Master class with the State Institute of Theatre and Cinema in Yerevan and Shushi. As a guest, she is invited to curate at international film festivals. In 1991-1993 Armani represented the Ministry of Culture of Armenia to promote Armenian Cinema worldwide.


Last Station (1994, co-directed with Harutyun Khachatryan), Just Another Day (2010), Nora X Nora (2012 doc.), Moving Stories (2012).

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